Our Story

Softie Beauty was founded in 2019 with hopes of creating a line of natural soaps and skincare for our own use. We have sensitive skin, so it was difficult to find skincare products that work for us. Most commercially available products would cause irritation and dry out our skin. The more we researched, the more we came to realize that making our own skincare could greatly benefit us.
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Being engineering graduates, we were instantly fascinated by the history and science of soapmaking. We were inspired by beautiful cold-process soapmaking videos online and we figured it would be fun to try it ourselves. In June 2019, we ordered our first round of ingredients and got to work.
fall 2022 artisanal soaps
We believe that soaps and skincare should be made simply and sustainably. We want every ingredient in our products to be intentional and beneficial to our skincare routine. Once we tested our recipes, we were astounded by the results. These products just had to be shared.
In an effort to reduce our company's environmental impact, we source our ingredients as locally as possible. Apart from our current lip balm tubes, all of our packaging is recyclable or reusable. Our goal is to reach 100% soon.
We meticulously design each soap and skincare product to ensure our customers get the best results. We would never sell something that we don't regularly use ourselves. We work in smaller, more careful batches to increase our attention to detail on each product. We handcraft all of our products at home in Toronto, Ontario and we are so proud to finally share our passion with you.
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